Hearing Aid Sales Leads

All our enquiries are generated on-line using a multitude of on-line marketing methods and then further verified and processed by our in-house customer service team to ensure that all the hearing aid enquiry requests we generate meet our stringent lead qualification criteria.

You can choose to take Hearing aid sales leads from us on an exclusive basis meaning they are only supplied to you and no others and because you only receive double qualified leads, we can take the sting out of other, more expensive methods of generating sales enquiries for your clinic – such as newspaper advertising, Google AdWords and other methods of paid advertising.

We also deliver hearing aid sales leads in real-time – by email, SMS or even by transferring the consumer directly to you or your audiologist team by telephone using our hot-key lead service.

Hearing Aid Lead Criteria:

All our hearing aid leads are qualified against the following criteria:

  • Name and address confirmed
  • Email address confirmed
  • Confirmation of age
  • Confirmation if already had hearing aid test
  • Contact telephone number

Hearing Aid Adviser Criteria:

  • At least one year’s stable trading history to apply for a Category One or Category Two account.

Different Lead Types to meet your business needs

Hot Key Lead

These are qualified leads handed over to the installer on the phone.
This is direct contact between the consumer and the installer to organise an appointment.
These are unique leads to 1 installer

Premium Lead

These are qualified leads sent out to a maximum of 2 installers. We have booked appointments for both installers and confirm both visits with the consumer. Premium Leads have a no pitch no fee guarantee.

Qualified Lead

These are qualified leads sent out up to 4 times from our systems automatically to network members. We have confirmed requirements and informed the consumer which installers will be contacting them.

Lead Vault

These are qualified leads we have for sale on a first come first served basis to network members. These are used to top up leads on an ad hoc basis.