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Boiler and Central Heating Sales Leads

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All our boiler leads and central heating leads are double qualified from our own websites by our in-house call centre. We speak to every lead, we qualify them on the phone against strict criteria and we book appointments for two of our network members to go and quote the work.

We have specialist boiler replacement and central heating websites such as Compare Companies. To become a Trusted Heating Supplier on the Leads 2 Trade supplier network and receive boiler sales, repair or replacement leads, you must be registered with Gas Safe. We are then able to match consumers with local trusted installers so they can find the best boiler prices in their area.

We Know the Boiler Sales Lead Market

Consumers are increasingly aware of boilers costs and the factors affecting them. That’s why we’re committed to driving boiler sales leads to help homeowners find the best possible price.

There are different classifications of boilers available, including conventional and combination as the two main types, and this, in addition to other factors such as the style of home and location, have a significant impact on boiler costs. Our trusted boiler sales leads are the ideal way to compare prices and find the best deal.

Just as we at Leads 2 Trade develop the way we put together boiler sales leads, the market itself is regularly changing. We monitor the market closely to follow the latest trends and put homeowners in touch with the best prices.

Boiler Lead Criteria:

We speak to every lead and qualify the consumers requirements. We book appointments there and then for our network members to go and quote the work. If you want us to guarantee you will pitch every lead we send you, all you have to do is register for premium leads. All our boiler leads are qualified against the following criteria:

  • The customer is the homeowner
  • Type of property and nature of the work to be completed
  • All requirements from immediate to within 2 months
  • For boiler replacements – the age, make and model of existing gas boiler
  • The address, contact name and phone number details are correct
  • The best time and telephone number to contact the customer is established
  • The customer requires a free no obligation survey/quotation

Flexible Boiler Lead Types:

Our flexible lead options allow you to find the right lead types for your business.

  • Premium Semi-exclusive leads with a no pitch – no fee, guarantee. No other lead provider on the market can give you this quality.
  • Semi – exclusive Hot key transfer. Your unique lead to book in to suit yourself.
  • Qualified leads. All double qualified to the highest quality.

Different Lead Types to meet your business needs

Recommended by

Assure Certification
Consumer Protection Association
Independent Network
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