Your unique opportunity to receive ‘red-hot’ leads

Security installers across the UK like you are using Leads 2 Trade to find new customers. And we can help you get more business too.

Leads 2 Trade is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of double qualified sales leads to the home improvement sector.

When we diversified into your sector and launched our security lead service at the start of 2016, it proved an instant success with installers. Our service is still going strong and we have seen a ten per cent increase in the number of security installers using our service in the last month.

Get red-hot leads for the products you sell.

Each month, we are generating thousands of red-hot leads for home, property and commercial owners looking to install the security systems and services that you provide.

Getting these leads is simple. Property and business owners will search for alarm and CCTV quotes online and then click one of the businesses’ highly ranked websites.

A member of the team then calls the homeowner or business owner to double qualify the lead against set criteria. Only after this process is completed is the lead considered qualified and passed onto members of Leads 2 Trade’s Trusted Local Supplier Network, in real-time via email or text.

Leads 2 Trade also operates a Hot Key service which allows the Leads2trade call centre team to directly transfer the consumer on the other end of the line to the installer in that postcode area.

Andy Royle, Managing Director of Leads 2 Trade, comments:

“More and more homeowners are prioritising security when it comes to upgrading their home, making this a lucrative market for installers of these types of products.

“If you are looking to step up your sales in 2017, get in touch with us to find out how we can help you achieve this.”

For more information call 01614660099 or visit our home security leads page!

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