Top 10 cities with highest increase in conservatory sales


Why Conservatory Sales Are Increasing in the UK It’s no surprise that conservatory sales are increasing. This is because a modern conservatory is an extension to the home that is no longer only for the summer months but a versatile space that is ideal for relaxing, dining and socialising in all year round.

Glass technology has improved significantly and there are now more solutions than ever before when it comes to maintaining a comfortable temperature in the home throughout the year. Not only that, a conservatory will add substantial value and space to your property. They are also a great home investment for someone needing extra living space but doesn’t want the costs and hassle associated with moving home.

There is also a rising trend within the UK to replace the roof on conservatories with a solid, tiled roof. This allows homeowners to make better use of the space as it reduces rain noise, appears cleaner and makes it easier to regulate the temperature. This type of roof also makes a conservatory look more like an extension of the home.

As a solid roof helps to solve temperature problems by providing effective insulation, it in turn reduces heating costs. Of course, having a solid roof will also reduce the brightness of the room, especially during the summer months, and there are options to add velux-style windows. This then means you can enjoy the brightness of a traditional glass-roof conservatory, but keep control of the temperature.

In the UK, conservatory sales are increasing with Carlisle and Halifax seeing the highest increase. Year on year the sales in these cities have risen by a huge 70%. Both cities have a great history and beautiful surroundings, and the homeowners in this area evidently want to bring the outdoors in. Llandinod Wells and York are not far behind and have also seen an increase of more than 55% each year.

Cities% increased YoY
CarlisleIncreased by 70%
HalifaxIncreased by 70%
Llandindod WellsIncreased by 68%
YorkIncreased by 58%
WiganIncreased by 50%
DundeeIncreased by 47%
BlackburnIncreased by 44%
CambridgeIncreased by 43%
BirminghamIncreased by 20%
MedwayIncreased by 20%

In the UK, we all dream of sunshine and blue skies, but in reality the temperature is not on our side. This is why conservatories are so popular. People enjoy the outdoors and having a conservatory allows homeowners to not feel so cooped up in their property and enjoy the natural light. This increase in conservatory sales in the UK doesn’t surprise us and we can see it continuing to grow.

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