Taking the (sales) lead for installers

With installers experiencing a shift from being inundated with leads to receiving fewer enquiries from self-generated efforts, installers are having more of a need than ever to use a third-party lead generator.
Hannah Riley, an Area Sales Manager (ASM) at Leads 2 Trade, has seen expectations change on what installers want from their sales lead since she joined the company in 2014.

And with the company working even closer with installers, she says the UK’s leading provider of double-qualified sales leads to installers operating in the home improvement sector is well placed to provide installers with what they want from their leads.

“It’s not that many years ago when people’s idea of lead generation was to buy in as many cheap leads as you could,” said Hannah, who started in Leads 2 Trade’s call centre before moving to a Business Development role and, for the last two years, an ASM.

“But the ‘chuck as much mud and hope it sticks’ attitude has changed, and installers are becoming savvier when it comes to lead generation now. Time is so much important to installers now, as is lead value.

“Whereas before installers went for cheap leads but now they haven’t got time to waste on leads that probably aren’t going anywhere. Now installers want to know they are going to have the best chance of converting a lead from the start.”

Coming off the back of an 18-month home improvement boom, Hannah and her fellow ASMs know how important it is to make sure each lead works for their clients, of which a high percentage are Hannah’s.

“Our installer members are looking for business growth and to make money, so we ask ourselves how we can do that for them? We know our leads work, so we are now working with them to make sure they achieve the acceptable cost of sale they want. Our emphasis is not just about the lead it’s about the orders gained from them,” explained Hannah.

The company’s no pitch no fee guaranteed booking appointment service has proved a revelation for members. With the lead sold to just one other company meaning a 50% chance of winning the work, and only paying for the lead if they sit and pitch it, it has provided them with the best value and, more importantly, an acceptable cost of sale.

“In the past, some members got frustrated by having to pay for leads they never got to quote, so our no pitch no fee service takes that problem away,” said Hannah.

“Now they are getting their foot through the door and providing a survey and quote; we’ve done everything we can do as a lead provider and it’s just down to them to sell. It also makes it easier to manage the cost per sale – did they go in, did they quote, and did they win the order.

“It’s also much less hassle and saves valuable time. One of the things we do is communicate with the customer throughout their journey of using our service via phone, email, and text. Once the lead has been qualified and appointed the customer gets appointment reminders prior to the visit and if they want to cancel the appointment, they can do that by responding, and the installer doesn’t even have to return the lead as it’s returned automatically.

“The entire process is so smooth – it’s time saving, cost effective, and much more straight forward and all this information is communicated real time and is readily available via the Leads 2 Trade App our members have access to.”

To become a member of Leads 2 Trade’s trusted installer network, telephone 0800 124 4308 or visit www.leads2trade.co.uk.

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