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With more and more people migrating online due to the uncertainty around Covid-19, installer members of the UK’s leading provider of double-qualified sales leads for companies operating in the home improvement industry are benefitting. 

Since returning in July after temporarily shutting down operations due to coronavirus, Leads 2 Trade is generating huge volumes of leads for double glazing, conservatories, conservatory roofs and orangeries –and is looking to onboard more reputable suppliers and installers to take advantage.

“We have a strong network of installers who have become trusted local suppliers but there is plenty of room for more,” said Andy Royle, co-founder, and Director of Leads2Trade.

“There are still a number of our members that are not yet back to being fully operational due to the current climate, meaning they are not buying leads at the same volume at the moment, so it’s the perfect time for installers of any size to join our member network and take advantage.”

To provide installer members with an even better chance to win work and grow their business, Leads 2 Trade has recently launched a new premium, no pitch no fee, service.

“Our no pitch no fee sales appointment guarantee is going down very well with our members, who are already seeing huge benefits,” said Andy.

A better chance

Since coming back from lockdown, Leads 2 Trade has taken the opportunity to look at the industry and environment and has adapted its business model to suit. 

Instead of the traditional model of providing a consumer with up to four no obligation quotes from installers from their local area, like so many other lead providers, Leads 2 Trade is now providing them with just two – and both are pre-arranged appointments.

“Due to social distancing, we understand that consumers are not as confident at having multiple companies in their home and this was the perfect solution,” explained Andy.

“But for our installers, it’s even better. Instead of buying a sales lead they are buying a confirmed appointment and as it goes to a maximum of two installers they have a higher probability of getting the sale, so it’s win-win.”

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No time or money wasted

The service is very simple in that an installer will only have to pay for a lead if they sit and pitch it. Installers are sent the contact details of the consumer along with a specific time and date they want to sit down with them.

Then if the customer does not require the second appointment, Leads 2 Trade will cancel it and inform the installer, so they don’t waste time travelling to it.

“With our new premium service, installers don’t have to spend their hard-earned money on a lead that they might not even get to pitch to,” said Andy. “And we keep them up to date throughout the whole process with clear visibility in our members appointment booking software we provide them with via our members portal.”

Unbeatable quality 

The reason Leads 2 Trade is out in front of its competitors is down to the quality of double-qualified sales leads they provide. Thanks to its own in-house customer service operators that personally speak to and qualify all leads, it means that quality is guaranteed to members.

Andy said: “Since we formed Leads 2 Trade back in 2006 the digital lead generation market has changed enormously, and their looks set to be another digital-shift due to the uncertainty of a second wave of Covid.

“However, there are some things that are constant and lead quality is at the top of that list. That’s what we have always provided and our new no pitch no fee service continues that trend.

“With the market currently buoyant, the service is providing our members with better opportunities to win business. There are still some installers who have yet to join the Leads2Trade revolution – and now’s the time to take advantage.”

As an introductory offer, Leads 2 Trade is offering two free booked appointments with your first order of 10 premium leads. If you would like to find out more about joining the Leads 2 Trade network, telephone 0800 124 4308 or click here to find out more about our Premium Leads.

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