Stacey set to celebrate 15 years at Leads 2 Trade

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Stacey Moore has come a long way in almost 15 years at Leads 2 Trade – and her rise mirrors the successful path the UK’s leading provider of double-qualified sales leads in the home improvement industry has followed in the same time scale.

The Stockport-based company, which also operates in several other sectors, including heating and plumbing, renewable energy, and security, turned 15 on November 2 – making Stacey one of its longest serving members of staff.

Having joined in March 2007, just five months after co-founders Andy Royle, John Cohen, and Alan Gray set up the company, she quickly hit the heights and worked her way through the business.

“I first started part-time doing evenings as I had three young children and never really thought about increasing my hours, but I loved it from the start and, after asking to go full-time, I quickly progressed to a team leader role,” explained Stacey.

“Having dabbled in nearly every side of the business, customer service has always been the part for me and I’m now Office Manager, so I oversee the full call centre and customer service operation that process’s all the website enquiries and the management and reporting of the leads and appointments post lead send out.”

Having been there from the very beginning, Stacey has seen the business change and adapt to make sure it’s offering the best service to both consumers and members.

“The most noticeable change is how we use technology now. Even though we were in the digital age when I started, we went through the fax stages to send the leads to our members and it’s amazing how everything is now automated and much more technology driven, as a business we have always made sure our lead management systems are cutting edge and have just launched an APP to make things even easier for our members on the move,” said Stacey.

“I think the main reason we are successful is that we process the leads from a website enquiry and turn that lead into a fixed and firm appointment for our members against set criteria. This ensures our members know they are going to get to pitch their products and service to a home owner who’s got a want and need, and conversely we remove the hassle for the consumer of having to arrange multiple appointments, we do it all for them, and keep in touch with them all the way through the process..

“We make sure the consumer is at the forefront of our mind and make sure the supplier is equally getting a high category of what they want. For us it’s not just about giving them consumer details, when we send those details we think of them as fulfilling both the consumer and the suppliers need.”

And with Leads 2 Trade passing its 15th anniversary, Stacey can see many more years at the top to come.

“We are always trying to do better and, as quite a small team, everyone has a part to play in that. After what has happened in the last 18 months, to have come out of it and still be in a strong position is down to the people who work here and their commitment.”

Andy Royle, co-founder and Managing Director said: “Stacey plays a vital role within our organisation and her professional growth over the years is clear to see. Our team contributes massively to our success and Stacey has played an integral role in helping to drive the business forward.”

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