Safestyle UK Hails Leads 2 Trade As ‘Heavyweight Supplier’

One of the UK’s biggest suppliers and installers of replacement uPVC windows and doors is still benefitting hugely from working with Leads 2 Trade – eight years on after first linking up.

The award-winning Safestyle UK have been manufacturing and installing affordable, high quality, energy efficient and secure windows and doors for homeowners across England and Wales for more than 20 years.

And their long-term link-up with the provider of double qualified sales leads for companies operating in the glass and glazing industry – and sectors as diverse as heating and plumbing and security – is helping to keep them ahead of the competition.

Daniel Nolan, Head of Digital at Safestyle UK, said: “Whilst we generate most of our leads in-house, via our digital and marketing department, we supplement this with leads from affiliates, and Leads 2 Trade is one of our longest running and best suppliers.

“They supply us the leads in real-time, once they have qualified them and they are really consistent in terms of quality. Leads 2 Trade also provide us with in-depth analysis, so we can dig down into the details of the leads and track return on investment.

“All of the above shows their quality and position as a heavyweight supplier.”

Safestyle UK also use Leads 2 Trade’s Hotkey telephone service. Hotkey sales leads are pre-qualified against Leads 2 Trade’s set product criteria, but instead of simply notifying the installer via email or text message, they can instantly transfer the consumer by telephone to Safestyle’s sales team.

Daniel commented:

“The Hotkey service is brilliant and the fact that leads get put through to us right away really does emphasise to the customer that we are the best provider. It also provides a good conversion rate and in terms of appointment rates it is excellent. We find that it’s a much cleaner way of working too.”

Andy Royle, co-founder and Director at Leads 2 Trade, is delighted that Safestyle are finding the service they provide as useful as ever.

“It really is testament to the work we do here at Leads 2 Trade that a company with a reputation as big as Safestyle UK sees us as such a vital part of their business and we look forward to working with them for many more years to come.”

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