Replacement Boiler Revolution Sees Lead Volumes Soar

As one of the UK’s biggest online lead generation and installer support companies in the heating and plumbing sector, we are now recording an average of 1,000 leads per week from our websites from consumers looking to get quotes to replace their boiler. This increase in volumes partly down to increasing demand for replacement boilers from private home owners looking to ensure their home is fit for the future.

As part of its plans to update the UK’s housing stock and make homes more energy efficient, a number of government and private finance schemes are available to qualifying home owners, for free boiler replacement as these represent one of the biggest contributors to a home owners energy bills. However, majority of leads we’are currently supplying are from customers wanting to pay up front for their boiler replacement.

We offer leads for customers wanting to pay to get their boiler replaced on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis and we can also verify them for finance. There is a shift in the market towards finance options like this and we are seeing our members offering finance packages from as little as £17 a month to upgrade to a new energy efficient A rated boiler.

We’ve noticed that more consumers are looking to finance home improvement projects but in a market dominated by industry giants, smaller businesses can often be pushed out of the equation. Thanks to these finance options that our members are offering, this is no longer the case.

As a Trusted Local Supplier member, companies also benefit from marketing literature and a host of sales closing tools such as finance options; and consumer feedback reports.

Heating and plumbing engineers can take advantage of this rising demand by joining the Trusted Local Suppliers network, where they’ll have access to double qualified leads which can be sent to them in any location and any quantity you want.

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