Leads 2 Trade sees 50% increase in installer enquiries during January

Leads 2 Trade saw a record month of enquiries to join its trusted local supplier network in January as installers look for help to generate the leads they want in 2022.

The UK’s leading provider of double-qualified sales leads to installers operating in the home improvement sector saw a 50% increase in installer enquiries.

Andy Royle, co-founder, and Director of Leads2trade, is under no illusions as to why the company is being inundated.

“Last year really did hit an artificial peak and some installers are reporting a definite shift to receiving fewer enquiries from their self-generated efforts,” said Andy.

“The problem they are now facing is they have put resources in place to be able to manage how busy they have been over the last 12 months and maintaining those levels won’t be easy. They have been feasting over the last 12 months and they need to keep feeding, so using a third-party lead generation company is vital to help keep generating the volume of leads they need.”

The increase in installer enquiries was just part of a strong start to the year for Leads 2 Trade, with the company generating more than 20,000 raw enquiries from its consumer comparison websites in January from homeowners looking for quotes for their home improvement projects.

In January, the company saw a 69% increase in lead volumes for home improvements compared to January 2021, with a huge 196% increase in enquiries for conservatory roofs and a 30% increase in enquires for double glazing.

And Andy sees this as the perfect storm for more installers to join the Leads 2 Trade network and take advantage of the enormous number of double qualified leads they are generating.

“We are still seeing huge demand from consumers for home improvements and now is a fantastic time to join our strong network of installers and take advantage of the resulting opportunities.”

Installers can also take advantage of Leads 2 Trade’s guaranteed booking appointment service, which sees a lead sold to one other company and members only paying for the lead if they sit and pitch it.

“Our no pitch no fee is a perfect risk-free exercise for any home improvement company who are considering trialling the service as they would also benefit from our current 2 free leads promotion when opening a new account,” added Andy.

To become a member of Leads 2 Trade’s trusted installer network, telephone 0800 124 4308 or visit www.leads2trade.co.uk.

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