Leads 2 Trade leads ‘the best’ says Solar panel installer

A solar panel installation company based in Essex has hailed Leads 2 Trade as the ‘the best lead generator that produce the best quality solar leads.’

Scale-up company Butterfly Solar, a division of Butterfly Energy PLC, specialises in residential solar installation and has been taking premium pre-appointed solar leads from Leads 2 Trade since October.

Matt Acraman Butterfly Solar’s co-director and an industry veteran in solar, said: “The whole company exists on Leads 2 Trade leads. I run a sales team of four and we exclusively sit Leads 2 Trade leads, and we don’t take leads from any other suppliers.”

“My relationship with Leads 2 Trade has blossomed over the last 15-plus years. My co-director and I have built and sold three large companies in the solar, LED lighting and all things carbon reduction sectors and we’ve worked with them for those other companies over the years.

“When it comes to solar leads they are the best lead generator out there and there is no one that even comes close to them, that’s how good they are.

Premium Leads for Solar Panel Installers

Butterfly Solar, which provides bespoke solar panel installations for homeowners to meet their energy needs and help them save money, take Leads 2 Trade’s premium lead, no pitch no fee, service.

The booked appointment leads, which achieve a higher conversion rate and a low cost of sale, are only delivered to one other company, so the installer has more chance of winning the work, and they only pay for the lead if they sit and pitch it, meaning there is zero risk.

Matt said: “We only take the no pitch no fee pre-appointed residential solar leads and in terms of qualification and quality they are better than anyone.”

The demand for solar panels from consumers has been consistently high, with Leads 2 Trade generating more than 6000 enquiries from consumers for solar panels in January alone.

Andy Royle, Leads 2 Trade’s co-founder and Managing Director, said: “We are delighted that Butterfly Solar are benefiting from our premium solar leads. The cost-of-living crisis, as well as energy prices being at an all time high and showing no signs of coming down, has seen more consumers searching online for solar panels and coming through to our comparison websites and online assets.

“Now, rather than being something homeowners are just thinking about, there is now serious intent to purchase solar panels and it’s great that Butterfly Solar are taking advantage. With that volume showing no signs of slowing down, we look forward to continuing to supply them with the very best solar leads.”

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