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Leads 2 Trade has partnered with Pomegranate Commercial Finance to offer companies access to funding.

Andy Royle, co-founder and director at Leads 2 Trade, said:

“Our ethos has always been that we are more than just a lead generation company, and we recognise that our members need other benefits, and this includes giving them access to experts that can help them access different funding options.

“Typically, our members are high-growth businesses that are launching new products, employing new staff and acquiring new premises. Access to business loans, alternative finance and investors can help them to achieve these aims as and when they are looking to do so.”

Pomegranate is a team of independent commercial brokers and advisors. It offers several services, including asset finance, which can be used to fund and invest in equipment and vehicles, and funding for businesses looking for an unsecured loan that is independent of their bank with a quick turnaround.

Paul Mak, managing director of Pomegranate, said:

“For us, it’s all about helping hardworking people unlock the cash flow in their business by providing them with good, honest business advice and the secure funding they require. “Andy and Leads 2 Trade provide a fantastic service to members and this partnership will cement that even further as Pomegranate offers the help that installers will benefit from. In fact, we have already had four deals through Leads 2 Trade since linking up.”

Source: https://glasstimes.co.uk/news/funding-access-partnership/

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