Leads 2 Trade appoints National Sales Manager

Rob Brown

Leads 2 Trade has appointed a new National Sales Manager to strengthen its position as the leading supplier of double qualified sales leads in the home improvement sector.

With more than 12 years experience of digital sales, marketing, and lead generation, Rob Brown will manage Leads 2 Trade’s team of area managers. 

Andy Royle, co-founder, and director explained the appointment:

“We have re-structured the sales team from business development and account manager positions to create four area sales manager positions, whose job will be to recruit new members and manage and retain them thereafter.

“We needed a figurehead for the sales department and Rob will manage the team with the intention of strengthening the network for all the home improvement market verticals we supply too and to further drive home the premium lead platforms we have launched this year.

“Rob has huge lead generation experience and has worked at both client and agency ends managing sales teams, so we are looking forward to him hitting the ground running.”

Having previously worked predominantly around the financial sectors, Rob has experience in buying and selling leads on a per-lead basis, which will prove invaluable when demonstrating through the sales team how installers and their booking teams can make the most of leads – making the link-up the perfect match.

Rob said: “The culture of the company is what I’m used to and as soon as I spoke to Andy I knew Leads 2 Trade was the perfect fit. It is a hugely established company and I feel I can contribute to the vision Andy and the rest of the management team has moving forward. 

“Selling a lead at the right price and making sure it works for whoever the buyer is, the process and the mechanics of lead generation don’t change – it’s about what it costs to generate a lead, the value of it, and how you achieve an acceptable cost of sale from it.”

And as Rob gets up to speed on the products Leads 2 Trade sell, he is positive about the industry’s future.

“Finance is currently rocking, whereas home improvements aren’t going to go away. There is that pool of people who were going on holiday but are instead having to spend more time at home, so they want to get new windows, a conservatory, or whatever they need.  And emergency boiler leads will never go away, so it’s about as rock solid an industry as you can get in the current climate.”

For more information on Leads 2 Trade’s premium lead service, telephone 0800 124 4308 or click here to find out more about our premium leads.

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