Is your lead provider on your side?

With installers reporting a definite shift to receiving fewer enquiries from their self-generated efforts, many will have turned to third-party lead generation companies to maintain lead volume.

But will that lead provider be doing everything they can to grow your business and provide you with the leads you really want?

Andy Royle, co-founder and Managing Director of Leads 2 Trade, the UK’s leading provider of double-qualified sales leads to installers operating in the home improvement sector, has been in the industry for more than 15 years.

And with installers having to work harder than ever to convert leads into business, he says it’s no surprise that more are turning to third-party lead generation companies as a result.

“Last year installers were able to feast on unprecedented levels of demand but with levels dropping off from what was an artificial peak, sustaining those levels will prove tough,” explained Andy.

“When times become lean, installers are left with very few alternatives; they can increase their own marketing, go door-to-door, or use a third-party lead generation company. And with many having invested in extra resources to cope with last year’s demand, it’s no wonder we have had a record number of new installer enquiries in the first quarter of 2022 to help them generate the leads they need.”

Finding the right third-party lead generation company to partner with, and getting the most from them, however, could be the difference between success or standing still.

Avoid cheap leads

One of the best ways to fuel business growth is through lead generation but the biggest challenge is generating high-quality leads to do it.

While some see leads generated from a third-party lead generation company as cheap and lacking substance, that is not always the case, provided you partner with a company that values quality, says Andy.

“There can be a tendency for installers to think that getting 10 leads from their lead provider is brilliant, but if they only convert one of them then it’s a poor return,” Andy said.

“It makes more business sense to steer clear of cheap leads and just focussing on volume when aiming for quality will ultimately provide a better return on investment, for example getting five leads and winning four of them.

Leads should be double qualified by a call centre before being sent to you, so you know they want the service you are offering before you call. Leads that lack substance are no good to anyone.

Don’t waste time and money

There are many frustrations for installers when using a lead provider, including wasting time and money on leads that don’t result in business and leads going to at least three other installers making them much harder to convert.

For Andy, your lead provider should be making sure that you spend as little time as possible on leads and that you only pay for the leads you get in front of and quote.

“It wasn’t that long ago that installers used to buy as many leads as they could, throw as much mud at them and hope it stuck,” said Andy, “but now they just do not have the time to waste on leads that aren’t going anywhere.

“The importance of time and getting value for money is why we introduced our booked appointment lead service. Instead of buying a sales lead, our members are buying a confirmed appointment against set criteria, which we book and confirm, so the installer doesn’t have to waste valuable time calling leads up multiple times only to get a belated response that they’ve gone with someone else. All they have to do is turn up and sell.

“The lead is only sold to one other company, so there is more chance of winning the work, while the service is no pitch no fee, so they only pay for the lead if they sit and pitch it.”

What’s best for your business

Ultimately, the reason to use a third-party lead generation company is to make money and, according to Andy, the company should be doing all they can to make sure you are hitting your business goals.

Andy said: “Your lead provider should be working closely with you to make sure you are hitting the average order values and conversion rate that you want to be, and you are getting an acceptable cost of sale.

“At Leads 2 Trade we are working with our members to get as many leads converted to a survey or quote and then getting those converted into an order and providing the true cost of sale from that lead source.”

For more information on joining the Leads 2 Trade network and taking advantage of double qualified sales leads, including guaranteed appointment bookings that you only pay for if you sit and pitch, call 0800 124 4308 or visit

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