How to Increase Your Sales Even with GDPR

Businesses that adopt a “half full glass” attitude and see GDPR as an enhancement are far more likely to reap the positive benefits of the new regulations.

One of the realities of the new GDPR is that it has, in effect, created a level playing field across every business sector that falls within the legislations remit. Companies that have ticked all the boxes, assessed the risks, and run their internal audits are now ready to move forward and actually work under the new regulations.

While there has been a great deal of hype and speculation concerning the negative impacts and costs of implementing GDPR, some savvy business owners and managers have already “latched onto” the benefits. In this article, we explore some of those positives and examine how companies and organisations are able to make the most out of the GDPR.

Elevated trust and increased confidence.

From the minute that a potential client makes contact with your business, they will be forming an opinion even if it is happening at a subconscious level. They will be forming instant perceptions based on the information the business presents to them whether that be sales material or a request to opt-into your subscription system. A transparent and simple statement that outlines GDPR, how much your business cares, and how it values the client’s data is a great way to elevate their trust and confidence in your business and brand.

Improved security of data.

Businesses are already well aware of the costly consequences of data breaches, and complying with the GDPR will have ensured that yours is now well and truly secured. The obvious benefit of this heightened security is protection for your operation against the costly penalties that accompany reported data breaches and issues of non-compliance.

Saving on the costs of managing data.

Within the remit of GDPR, data handlers have a responsibility to ensure that personal information is stored in a transportable digital format. Almost by default, this has meant that compliant businesses now hold data in a single format. This means fewer systems to maintain and no more cross-system data migrations either. That equates to fewer man-hours being expended on sifting, separating, and transferring data, and as always, time equals money.

Getting closer to your customers.

One of the inescapable ironies of the GDPR is that it is personal. It was created and instigated to enhance the rights of the individual in relation to their personal data. Considering that in an ideal business world “the customer is king”, compliance with GDPR acts to put the individual “face on” with your business.

Overall improved communication.

GDPR has actually compelled businesses to have “a good tidy up” and the outcome has been the pulling together of what may have previously been a number of loose ends. Now, with robust systems in place, data can be accessed and communicated to those who need it at the push of a button.

Benefiting from working with the experts.

GDPR has made an impact on many businesses especially those in the home improvement sector who have been using existing databases to prospectively approach potential customers. These databases are no longer usable without the data subjects renewed consent. In such circumstances, there is a solid argument for using a third party specialist lead generation company. The upside of such a move is that not only are these businesses assured of the peace of mind that comes though working with the third party vendor, they are further assured that the GDPR is being satisfied at all levels.
A professional GDPR compliant third party lead generation company will already be using clear and concise consent forms and further gaining consent through telephone qualification of the data subjects.
The new GDPR law states that even those companies using a third party lead generation company are still ultimately responsible to ensure that the third party are fully compliant. By working with Leads 2 Trade we offer assurances to all of our clients of our adherence to these laws, confirmation of which is readily available in our terms of service policy which can be viewed here.

Safe In The Knowledge.

It makes perfect business sense to use improved systems, procedures, and ways of dealing with your client’s personal data, and the GDPR has helped businesses to do exactly that. Being safe in the knowledge that both your business and any third party affiliation is fully compliant gives reassurance to all and cements these partnerships in long term, mutually beneficial data protection standards and business relationships.

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