How Google Algorithms are Affecting B2B lead generation websites

We all know that home improvements is one of the most competitive sectors in the UK today. It’s the same for home improvement lead generation companies like Leads 2 Trade. Every day, we’re battling against our competitors to make sure that we get the top spots on Google.

Having one of the top spots means that we can deliver more and better leads to our installer home improvement partners like you.

In this article, Leads 2 Trade’s head of digital marketing explains:

  • what Google algorithms are and
  • why they’re so important, the latest Google update, and
  • six important things the team here is doing to make sure we’re at the top of the rankings meaning that we’re able to deliver the leads you need to run your business.

What are Google algorithms?

Algorithms are the very complex and subtle mathematical formulas that Google uses to decide which websites and web pages to display when a user searches for something in particular.

Twenty years ago, the main factor behind the ordering of web pages was the number of other sites that linked to a given page. Things are a lot more complicated now and the Leads 2 Trade team have to keep an eye on everything to do with our site daily to make sure we stay on top.

In 2018, what does Google look for on a page and on a wider website to decide whether the content would be valuable to its users?

Authority is a measurement of how reliable a source a webpage or a website is likely to be so that it provides a search engine’s users with the information they’re looking for. A site like Which? is considered much more authoritative than others because:

  • what it provides users with is linked to by thousands of other websites.
  • the content is relevant to a user’s search

Google’s “spiders” read the content of hundreds of millions of web pages a day. When they do this, they consider the way a page is laid out, the structure of the content, and the use of language when determining just how usable and actionable the information contained on the page is.

Google then compares that page with other pages it thinks is similar and then makes a value judgement on the quality of the content and provides it with a ranking based on that judgement.

Another consideration is the websites that link to your content and the quality and relevance of the information contained on those sites. Google’s thinking is that each link to your site is comparable to a vote in your favour because there are many other sites that could have been linked to instead but yours was considered as an authority topic.

In addition, if you link out to a different site, there’s nothing in it for you except the desire to provide your users with the help they’re looking for.

So, to get a good Google ranking:

  • the content on your site must be helpful
  • you must set out a webpage in such a way that Google understand what the page is about and its relevance to what people are searching for
  • other sites that Google also likes must link to your content because Google considers that to be a big thumbs up

But that’s just the start. Google updates their algorithms regularly and, in order to be able to deliver you the highest quality leads, we’ve got to stay on top of those changes.

Google’s FRED update

On March 24th, Google changed its algorithm again – the so-called “Fred” update. Speaking to Search Engine Journal, Gary Illyes from Google said that “Fred” was “a whole umbrella of different changes and updates” to stop “aggressive monetization” (Blue Corona). The types of sites it targeted were those websites with “an overload of ads, low-value contents, and little added user benefits”.

Six things we’re doing in 2018 to deliver you high-quality leads The Google “Fred” update did not affect us that much. We’ve constantly tweaked the website to earlier algorithm updates whose focus was on authority, content, and connections meaning that we have been able to maintain a good search ranking presence.

Our content and our website are so highly ranked by Google and our readers that it delivers over 10,000 leads a month to our home improvement partners like you. But we’re not resting on our laurels and we’re on a continuous mission to improve our website and the services we offer.

Our six current targets for the business and the service we deliver to both installers and homeowners are:

We’re now mobile first

Since the launch of the iPhone in 2007, the web has become mobile – in fact, according to Search Engine Land, 60% of searches are now done on smartphones and tablets and Google now penalises sites which aren’t optimised for mobile devices.

CompareCompanies’ website is fully optimised to look great and behave as users would expect on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.

We’re focusing on becoming Google’s Featured Snippet

Have you ever searched on Google and seen answers to the questions you’ve asked the search engine on the search page? That’s something called a “Featured Snippet” and, to home improvement lead generation sites like ours, they’re a really important target to aim for because of the quality and the quantity of the users they deliver.

We’re working on rolling out the structured data married to the top quality content that Google needs so that, more than ever before, the valuable information we provide to homeowners really gets noticed.

The world is moving over to voice

40% of us use voice search once a day, according to Branded3Google reports that voice searches have grown by 3,500% in the last 10 years. With Alexa and Siri competing for your attention, the number of people using voice searches is only going to increase.

When people use voice searches, they tend to ask a virtual assistant a question, just like they would another person. That means that we’re incorporating more and more content on our site which reflects the questions people are asking to provide the greater relevance and the quickest access to the results they’re after.

High quality and persuasive content to match Google Search Quality Guidelines and readers’ requirements We’re investing in high quality, persuasive, and up-to-date content on a weekly basis. We’re using the latest online analysis to find out what it is exactly that homeowners are searching for and we’re adding it to our network of websites.

We’re helping homeowners figure out budgets that they’re comfortable with, explaining the different options open to them, and explaining why it’s best to get a quote from a reliable, professional company like yours. And, every day, at least 330 people on average are leaving their details as a result.

Making it easier for visitors to leave their details

On the subject of getting people to leave their details with us, we’re making it easier than ever before by reducing the amount of information we need from them and making it easier to find the contact form on our pages, no matter what device they’re visiting us on.

The number of enquiries has risen as a result but being a great home improvement lead generation company is more than just quantity, it’s quality too.

Strengthening our telephone-based response team

Our experienced and friendly team call every single lead to assess a homeowner’s readiness to buy before we decide that there is a strong and immediate enough interest to pass it on to partners like you.

Not only that, we’re strengthening the team and starting to push direct phone contact from website visitors as well as online enquiries because Google is starting more and more to favour sites that contain technology that allow a visitor to directly contact the company and discuss their needs – such as an instant web or phone chat popup window.

Getting the best quote

More than 650 companies across the UK trust us to deliver them home improvement leads of the very highest quality. To speak to one of our account managers to see how our service can fit around and benefit your business, please call us on 0800 021 3211 or fill in our contact form by clicking here.

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