How do your sales leads compare?

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Thanks to a buoyant home improvement market, leads have been much easier for installers to come by.
But are installers getting the best cost of sale from them and, if not, how can they make sure their sales leads are working harder for a better return on their marketing investment?

Leads 2 Trade, the UK’s leading provider of double-qualified sales leads to installers operating in the home improvement sector, has been built on providing installers with the best double qualified sales leads at the best value.

Last year, the company introduced its no pitch no fee service, which provides its members with a better chance of winning the work, and therefore achieving a more than acceptable cost of sale, which from the polls it ran at the time averaged at around 12% for the fenestration industry.

Andy Royle, co-founder and Managing Director said: “To make things easier for members, not only does the lead come with a fixed appointment, but installers will only be competing against one other company for the job.

“And members will only have to pay for the lead if they sit and pitch to the customer which will almost guarantee an acceptable cost of sale compared to other marketing channels.”

A no pitch no fee booked appointment lead provides a cost of sale that’s almost 3 times less on average than for a standard double qualified lead.

“With installers on average converting 1:3 of a traditional standard lead just to an appointment or survey, we find that the average conversion rate then to order is more near 1:9, due to the same lead being provided to up to three other companies, for our no pitch no fee service the feedback is that for every appointment we book for our members for fenestration products they are closing 1:2 with an average lead price of £65 per lead, which delivers an attractive cost of sale of £130,” explained Andy.

“When it comes to cost of sale between a standard lead and our booked appointments, there really is no comparison.”

As things slowly start to get back to pre-Covid levels, installers will have to work harder to convert leads into business and Leads 2 Trade’s model is set to provide its members with the best chance of winning work.

Andy added: “Sales leads are the most vital part of an installers business plan; how many get converted to a survey or quote? How many of those quotes get converted into an order? What’s the true cost of sale from that lead source?

“These are all questions installers should bear in mind and buying leads from a well-established specialist home improvement third party lead generation company will help generate the right leads to ultimately help business growth.”

For more information on joining the Leads 2 Trade network and taking advantage of its no pitch no fee service, telephone 0800 124 4308 or click here to find out more:

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