Don’t miss out on the replacement conservatory roof boom, says lead generation company co-founder

There are thousands upon thousands of conservatories in the UK and many will need a replacement roof. And, as Andy Royle, co-founder and Director of Leads 2 Trade, the UK’s leading provider of double qualified sales leads for companies operating in the home improvement industry, explains, it’s an area that installers need to focus on.

New technology has a habit of reinvigorating any industry and it has certainly played a key role in the conservatory market.

Technological advances have brought more sophisticated designs and better materials than ever before to the conservatory.

So good, in fact, that a replacement roof is often all a tired conservatory needs to get it back on its feet and fully-functioning again.

Many homeowners have cottoned onto this fact and are now enjoying the benefits of using their conservatory all year round. While those that haven’t are starting to realise what they are missing out on.

An integral part of the home

Very few people will use a polycarbonate conservatory all year round, with many deciding to use it as little more than a storage space.

But solid/tiled roofs have allowed the conservatory to become an integral part of the house again thanks to keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

It transforms it into an all-year-round living space, which can be used as anything from a dining room to a study and, more importantly, means the homeowner suddenly has their extension back.

Added value

Making a conservatory more of an extension to property means that it adds value.

A conservatory with a polycarbonate roof might help when it comes to selling a house in the future, but it won’t add any value to it.

Unlike a solid/tiled roof which, because it means the conservatory is an extra room, could add on around £10,000 onto the price.

The right roof replacement leads

At Leads 2 Trade we generate specific leads not only for supply and fit conservatories, but also the retrofit market, so roof replacements are stand-alone campaigns generating leads for roof replacements only.

As a result, we are seeing that consumers are choosing different types of roof replacement.

Although the popular jump is from polycarbonate to tiled and insulated, we also see a percentage of enquiries from consumers wanting to go from polycarbonate to glass or lantern type roofs or from glass to solid/tiled.

An opportunity not to be missed

There are millions of ageing, outdated, conservatories with worn-out polycarbonate roofs in the UK that will be due for refurbishment as they are susceptible to leaking, are extremely cold in the winter and provide poor thermal efficiency.

As a result, homeowners want a conservatory refurbishment, particularly as they inherit older conservatories, and are realising that replacing the roof is a cheaper option than replacing the whole thing.

The demand is clearly there, and this means that the conservatory roof replacement market is a huge opportunity that installers can’t afford to miss out on.

Leads 2 Trade in Stockport generates 5-6,000 leads per week for companies operating in the home improvement market, with the core sectors including windows, doors and conservatories, security and heating and plumbing.

These leads are then double qualified by Leads 2 Trade’s in-house call centre and passed onto members of our popular Trusted Local Supplier network, in postcodes of their choice.

For more information on Leads 2 Trade telephone 0800 124 4308 or visit

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