DNA Home Improvements to Grow Conservatory Business with Leads 2 Trade Link-Up

A home improvements company is looking to grow the conservatory side of its business with us, Leads 2 Trade.

DNA Home Improvements signed up to the Leads 2 Trade network in January and have been taking conservatory leads since March.

A 5-star independent local Trusted Trader, DNA was established in 2007 and has successfully grown year on the year prior to new investment, thanks to offering value for money, good straight forward advice and professional installation.

Shortly after the business received investment, DNA decided to link up with us here at Leads 2 Trade.

Phil Anderson, a Director and one of the new shareholders in the DNA Group, explained:

“We knew of Leads 2 Trade’s reputation as a quality lead provider in a market-place where quality leads can be hard to come by.”

“It’s key that all enquiries we get as a business are fully GDPR compliant and that we don’t waste time on customers who are not serious about investing in a home improvement project.”

“We see massive growth in the market being driven by a real desire from customers looking to both increase and remodel their living space.”

“We believe there are only a very small number of high-quality lead providers and Leads 2 Trade have a strong reputation within the home improvement lead generation market.”

“Their leads are heavily qualified, and they operate in partnership with customers.”

DNA has not looked back since and is now looking to grow the conservatory side of the business, with Leads 2 Trade having a big role to play.

“At DNA we strongly believe in developing strong, professional, open trading relationships. For long term success, we need to share ideas and feedback and look always at how we can improve to the benefit of our customers but also suppliers,” added Phil.

“We believe this is the best and most efficient way to operate and we are always keen for Leads 2 Trade’s input, especially where they have significant experience and knowledge and can help us to develop and improve.”

We have been leading the way in matching conservatory installers with homeowners, and our co-founder and Director Andy Royle are looking forward to helping DNA grow in that sector.

“We are delighted that DNA Home Improvements are really benefitting from our service and we are looking forward to playing a big part in their conservatory growth through our sales leads,” commented Andy.

We generate 5-6,000 leads per week for companies operating in the home improvement market. These leads are then double qualified by our in-house call centre and passed onto members of our popular Trusted Local Supplier network, in postcodes of their choice.

For more information on Leads 2 Trade telephone 0800 124 4308 or visit leads2trade.co.uk.

For more information on DNA Home Improvements telephone 0800 779 7767 or 01270 848610, or visit www.dnahomeimprovements.co.uk.

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