Boiler leads set to rise for heating engineers and installers

As the winter nights draw in and the weather starts to get much colder, most homeowners will be turning on their boilers for the first time in the best part of eight or nine months.

And that’s when problems can start.

Andy Royle, co-founder and of Director at Leads 2 Trade, the UK’s leading provider of double qualified sales leads for the heating and plumbing sector, has seen the number of leads rise during October and November every year.

“For many homeowners, their boilers will have sat dormant for most of the year. When they start turning them on, however, issues are likely to occur,” said Andy.  “Whether its faults with parts of the system when it’s fired up, or some not working at all, many will be left without heating or hot water.”

“This means an immediate need to have their boiler replaced as soon as they can – and thousands of opportunities for heating engineers and installers.”

This time last year Leads 2 Trade trialled a no pitch, no fee service for boiler leads for its heating and plumbing members and after excellent feedback, introduced it at the beginning of the year.

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Instead of giving the consumer four companies to arrange appointments with, they are now provided with just two pre-arranged appointments. This means that the contractor is only competing against one other company for the work and only pays for the lead if they sit and pitch to the customer.

“Our no pitch, no fee service on boiler leads has gone down really well with our members and is the kind of premium lead service that adds value to the product we provide. Instead of buying a sales lead, our members are buying a confirmed appointment,” said Andy.“

After the first appointment we’ll contact the consumer to establish whether their needs have been met and if they have we will cancel the second appointment so our member doesn’t have to waste their time – or pay for the lead.”

The Stockport-based company, which also supplies double qualified sales leads for companies operating in the glass and glazing and home security sectors, is generating a huge number of leads and Andy is urging installers to take advantage.

“Now is a fantastic time for heating engineers and installers of any size to join the Leads 2 Trade Trusted Local Supplier network so they do not miss out on the opportunity to benefit from the boiler leads we are receiving.”

As an introductory offer, Leads 2 Trade is offering two free booked appointments with your first order of 10 premium leads. 

If you would like to find out more telephone 0800 124 4308 or find out more about our premium leads here

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