Boiler Genie Branching Out Thanks To Leads 2 Trade

A heating and plumbing company north of the border is setting up franchises around the country – thanks in no small part to lead generation business Leads 2 Trade.

The Glasgow-based Boiler Genie install boilers throughout Scotland and joined the Leads 2 Trade network in 2017.

Now, thanks to the constant supply of quality boiler leads, the company is growing at a rapid rate.

Andy Stock, Boiler Genie’s MD, said: “As boilers are our focus, we need a high volume of leads continuously and we chose Leads 2 Trade due to the volume and quality of leads that they constantly supply.”

“At the moment we get 20-30 leads per week, but this amount can be increased or decreased on demand.”

“Due to the number of enquires we get through Leads 2 Trade we have started opening other branches of Boiler Genie throughout the country.”

Boiler Genie’s services include boiler replacement, servicing and repairs, internet control installation power flushing and finance.

“Our speciality is boiler finance deals and as a full permission credit broker we are also able to offer market leading finance packages to other local heating installers who haven’t got their own Consumer Credit License,” added Andy.

“This will soon become a large part of our business and we feel that working alongside Leads 2 Trade can only increase our boiler sales and grow our boiler finance network.”

For Leads 2 Trade’s co-founder and Managing Director Andy Royle, the success of Boiler Genie shows the impact Leads 2 Trade can have on a business.

“Every company that comes on the network has a dedicated account manager readily available to discuss anything regarding their account and help grow their business,” commented Andy.

“Earlier this year Boiler Genie wanted to discuss leads in other areas, and we were able to provide marketing forecasts for the postcode areas they were looking at moving into, giving them an idea of potential lead volumes, on a weekly/ monthly basis.”

“We are delighted that Boiler Genie is growing and really benefitting from the service we provide.”

Leads 2 Trade offers a range of lead delivery methods that suit any company size, from SMEs to nationals, from delivering the lead information via a text or email to set up an API lead delivery to drop the lead straight into a company’s CRM.

They also have the capability to hotkey transfer a customer directly to the company and can even go as far as booking the leads in on their behalf.

For more information on Leads 2 Trade telephone 0800 124 4308 or visit

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