Boiler and central heating leads set to rise for installers

Installer with clipboard taking notes about a boiler

With winter now here, heating engineers and installers are being urged to take advantage of the high volume of heating and plumbing leads

Andy Royle, co-founder of and Director at Leads 2 Trade, the UK’s leading provider of double qualified sales leads for the heating and plumbing sector, has seen the number of leads rise during October and November every year since launching the business 15 years ago. 

And this year could see even more as homeowners wait to turn their boilers on to try and save money on their energy bills – and others look to replace their old boiler with a more energy efficient one. 

“When the weather started to turn in October we saw our expected increase in our double qualified leads for replacement boilers,” said Andy. “But with the steep rise in energy prices many households will be trying to hold off on turning their central heating on until it’s absolutely necessary – and that’s when the problems can start. 

“In some cases, homeowners will be turning on their boilers later than usual for the first time in the best part of six-seven months and after sitting dormant for so long issues are likely to occur. Whether its faults with parts of the system when it’s fired up, or some not working at all, many will be left without heating or hot water, which means an immediate need to have their boiler replaced as soon as they can. 

“Unlike other home improvement products, the heating and plumbing leads we generate in the autumn and winter months are traditionally a distress-type purchase, so there is a high intent to buy there and then rather than something the homeowner is thinking about doing. 

“Another consideration which we are seeing is more enquiries from consumers who may have an aged but working boiler but are now looking to replace it to reduce their energy bills by installing a more energy efficient one.” 

For the last two years Leads 2 Trade’s confirmed sales appointment, no pitch no fee, leads have been the best in the industry, with 70% of members now using this service because it reduces no shows and is more cost effective, typically achieving a 1:3 conversion to sale with a cost of sale as low as 8%. 

The premium leads are delivered to just one other company, meaning a one-in-two chance of winning the work and members only pay for the lead if they sit and pitch it.  

Andy said: “Instead of chasing consumers you can never get hold of, being the third or fourth installer to speak to a consumer and paying for leads without getting to see the prospect, with Leads 2 Trade you are buying a confirmed appointment in a postcode of your choice that solves all these problems. 

“Now is a fantastic time for heating engineers and installers of any size to join our Trusted Local Supplier Network and take advantage of the thousands of boiler and central heating leads as winter strikes.” 

For more information on joining Leads 2 Trade’s Trusted Local Supplier Network, contact us here.

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