Are your sales leads providing you value?

Andy Royle

With demand having been at an all-time high, leads have been easier to come by for installers. But as things slowly start getting back to normal, generating the right leads will be vital to continue to grow your business. Andy Royle, co-founder and Managing Director of Leads 2 Trade, the UK’s leading provider of double-qualified sales leads to installers operating in the home improvement sector, discusses why leads should be measured by their value – and why installers should be looking to partner with a specialist lead provider.

Sales leads are the most vital part of an installers business plan. Fortunately, during the last 12-18 months, the home improvement industry has seen a boom when it comes to replacement windows, doors, conservatories, and conservatory roofs.

Which has meant that leads have been plentiful for many installers, and those leads have, in the main, been easier to convert.

While there still appears to be no drop-off in the market just yet, with foreign travel in particular still up in the air, things will slow down and get back to pre-Covid levels in the foreseeable future – and leads will need to be ‘won’ once more.

One of the mistakes many companies make is that, when buying a sales lead, they think it’s just about trying to negotiate the cheapest lead price possible, or about quantity.

But it’s much more than that.

Of course, sales teams will want to hit a certain lead target, and when it comes to lead generation volume is important – the more leads you have the more chance you have of converting business.

It’s about if that lead gets converted to a survey or quote. It’s about how many of those quotes you convert into an order. It’s about your true cost of sale from that lead source.

To get the most out of sales leads, however, installers really need to focus on value before volume and price.

It’s about processing that volume, dealing with rejections, feeling disgruntled about having to pay for a lead you don’t feel you should be paying for.

Buying leads from a well-established specialist home improvement third party lead generation company is essential to help scale business growth, and they also help provide better lead value.

They should be able to provide you with references and testimonials, tell you to what degree leads are qualified, and have a clear and transparent returns policy.

The leads should also be qualified by an actual person rather than an automated online ‘bot’ that works on algorithm information.

At Leads 2 Trade we don’t just offer sales leads we offer confirmed appointments, against set criteria so installers have a guarantee of only paying for a lead if they ‘sit and pitch’ rather than having to buy a raw lead and finding it doesn’t quite meet with your criteria, which is time consuming and costs money. They may cost a little more but can offer the best value when working out a true cost of sale from that marketing channel.

Andy Royle in the office

Knowing the true value of a sales lead will help your business sustain its levels even when demand dies down.For more information on Leads 2 Trade, telephone 0800 124 4308

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