65% of all leads now booked appointments for Leads 2 Trade

Booked appointments are now topping the list for leads generated by the UK’s leading provider of double qualified sales leads for companies operating in the home improvement industry. 

A whopping 65% of all leads are now booked appointments for Leads 2 Trade as both consumers and installers take advantage of the benefits they offer. 

For installers, Leads 2 Trade’s guaranteed booked appointments mean less hassle and more chance of winning the work, with the lead only delivered to only one other company. Installers also only pay for the lead if they sit and pitch it, saving both time and money. 

For consumers, it means not having to arrange appointments with up to four companies, just two companies in their home, and they are guided through the whole process, with an email confirming the first appointment, then to see whether they need the second appointment or not. 

Andy Royle, co-founder and Director of Leads2trade, said: “We pride ourselves on delivering what our members want from a lead and how that lead is delivered, and while we originally launched the booked appointment service in 2020 in response to the pandemic, we always knew it would be popular and it’s no surprise that 65% of all leads are now confirmed appointments. 

“A fixed appointment with a 50% chance of winning work coupled with no pitch, no fee is so attractive for installers, while consumers still get the comparison service they’re looking for, but it’s more controlled.” 

With things set to slowly get back to normal in 2022, Leads 2 Trade’s confirmed booked appointment service will be vital, according to Andy. 

“While demand will remain buoyant, some installers are reporting a definite drop off in enquiries from their self-generated efforts, so demand for sales leads from installers will increase to  

ensure that current volumes can be maintained in the short and medium term. Our booked appointments will provide them with a greater chance of getting that work.” 

For more information telephone 0800 124 4308 or visit https://leads2trade.co.uk/about/appointment-booking/  

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