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Apr 2019

Don't miss out on the replacement conservatory roof boom, says lead generation company co-founder
By Sam Threlfall | 30th April 2019 | News

There are thousands upon thousands of conservatories in the UK and many will need a replacement roof. And, as Andy Royle, co-founder and Director of Leads 2 Trade, the UK's leading provider of double qualified sales leads for companies operating in the home improvement indust[…]


Apr 2019

Lead Quality
Leads 2 Trade's Personal Approach To Lead Quality Is Helping Customers To Cash In
By Sam Threlfall | 3rd April 2019 | News

Since launching in 2006, lead generation company Leads 2 Trade has always placed its emphasis not just on lead volume but, more importantly, lead quality.

The Stockport-based business generates 5-6,000 leads per week for companies operating in the home improvement mar[…]


Mar 2019

conservatory leads
Leads 2 Trade sees 80% increase in conservatory leads at start of 2019
By Andy Royle | 18th March 2019 | News

Leading provider of double qualified sales leads for companies operating in the home improvement industry Leads 2 Trade saw a massive increase in conservatory leads at the start of 2019.

The company experienced an 80% increase in conservatory lead volumes in January 2[…]


Feb 2019

UK Conservatory Market
Developments in conservatory market means more leads for installers, says co-founder of lead generation company
By Sam Threlfall | 18th February 2019 | News

Developments in the conservatory market have increased the extension's popularity among homeowners in recent years. And, as Andy Royle, co-founder and Director of Leads 2 Trade, the UK's leading provider of double qualified sales leads for companies operating in the home improvement industry, explains, that means mo[…]


Jan 2019

Andy Royle and Chris Tahmasaby
Industry lead generation leader strengthens position at top with major acquisition
By Andy Royle | 29th January 2019 | News

Leads 2 Trade has completed the acquisition of CloudGlaze in a move that will see the lead generation company become the biggest volume supplier of leads for the fenestration industry.

The newly acquired glazing industry sales-lead aggregator, which was a division of digital marketing agency ICAAL, has now b[…]


Jan 2019

How do Business Loans Work?
By Sam Threlfall | 10th January 2019 | News

Have you decided that you want to apply for Quick Business Loans? Here's what you need to know about working with Leads2Trade's funding team

1. Understand the level of funding you need and why you need it

We always encourage our customers to only borrow the exact amount of money they need. After al[…]


Jan 2019

8 Reasons to Apply for Business Loan
8 Reasons to Apply for Business Loan
By Sam Threlfall | 10th January 2019 | News

Why do businesses borrow money?

What are the top 8 reasons for businesses approaching us for help with funding?

1. Investment in production

The best businesses deliver quality goods to their customers in good time with great aftercare service. That delivery can be put under real strain th[…]


Nov 2018

Safestyle UK Hails Leads2Trade As Heavyweight Supplier
Safestyle UK Hails Leads2Trade As 'Heavyweight Supplier'
By Sam Threlfall | 20th November 2018 | News

One of the UK's biggest suppliers and installers of replacement uPVC windows and doors is still benefitting hugely from working with Leads 2 Trade - eight years on after first linking up.

The award-winning Safestyle UK have been manufacturing and installing affordable, high quality, energy efficient and secu[…]


Sep 2018

Google Plex Mountain View CA USA
How Google Algorithms are Affecting B2B lead generation websites
By Sam Threlfall | 12th September 2018 | News

We all know that home improvements is one of the most competitive sectors in the UK today. It's the same for home improvement lead generation companies like Leads 2 Trade. Every day, we're battling against our competitors to make sure that we get the top spots on Google.

Having one of the top spots means tha[…]


Aug 2018

Matching and Beating your Sales and Marketing targets
By Sam Threlfall | 29th August 2018 | News

Home improvement companies work in one of the most competitive business sectors in the UK. There are hundreds of other companies chasing exactly the same business as you and the type of work you do will often mean that you enter a bidding war to make sure that you secure a customer's order.

Advertising and m[…]


Aug 2018

Paul Mak & Andy Royle
Leads2Trade Business Loan News
By Sam Threlfall | 22nd August 2018 | News

Leads 2 Trade has partnered with Pomegranate Commercial Finance to offer companies access to funding.

Andy Royle, co-founder and director at Leads2trade, said:

"Our ethos has always been that we are more than just a lead generation company, and we recognise that our members need other b[…]


Aug 2018

Professional Heating & Plumbing Installer Logo
Installers Missing Out on Valuable Leads?
By Sam Threlfall | 21st August 2018 | News

Heating professionals that install replacement and new boilers for families and businesses up and down the UK could be missing out on potential new leads. This is the view of Andy Royle, who is the Managing Director of Leads2trade - a sales lead generation business that has been operating since 2006.

He sa[…]


Jul 2018

Business Funding Road Sign
How To Get Fast Approved Business Loans
By Sam Threlfall | 25th July 2018 | News

The amount of money you have in your business account today is arguably the most important business metric for any company. Sometimes, cash flow can be tight because customers are paying you late and your staff need their wages right now. You might be trying to figure out how to expand with the cash you have availab[…]


Jun 2018

What are the Best ways to Turn an Enquiry into a Sale?
By Sam Threlfall | 28th June 2018 | News

We've all been on them. Appointments where, as soon as one of the homeowner opens the door, we can sense that we're not welcome, that they're not really bothered, and that actually it's the other partner who is interested in getting the work done and they're completely against it. It's like walking into a war zone.<[…]


Jun 2018

GDRP image on mobile phone
Successful Email Marketing in the era of GDPR
By Sam Threlfall | 22nd June 2018 | News

In the run up to the 25th May, most people in the country received a sustained deluge of emails from companies they'd either bought from or made an enquiry to. Why? Because a new data protection law called the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into force. The companies who were emailing you wanted to o[…]


Jun 2018

How to Increase Your Sales Even with GDPR
By Sam Threlfall | 8th June 2018 | News

Businesses that adopt a "half full glass" attitude and see GDPR as an enhancement are far more likely to reap the positive benefits of the new regulations.

One of the realities of the new GDPR is that it has, in effect, created a level playing field across every business sector that falls within the legisl[…]


May 2018

Survey Charts
Major consumer survey gives installers insight into consumer spending plans
By Sam Threlfall | 10th May 2018 | News

A recent consumer survey carried out by the UK's number one lead generation business has given an insight into consumer spending patterns going forward.

Leads2Trade contact thousands of consumers each month when qualifying sales leads and has used this opportunity to ask consumers about their home improvemen[…]


May 2018

GDRP image on mobile phone
Prominent lead generation company getting ready for GDPR
By Sam Threlfall | 10th May 2018 | News

The Managing Director of the UK's leading lead generation company has set an example for businesses everywhere by stressing the need for collaboration and communication between companies, their members, and their clients following the introduction of GDPR.

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation a[…]


Apr 2018

Qualified Leads Infographic
How to choose a Lead Generator within the trending Leads Business
By Sam Threlfall | 5th April 2018 | News

Choosing a Lead Generator in the trending leads business can prove difficult in such a vast market, especially when it comes to finding the best quality leads within the industry and the best possible service. The good news is… we can help!

First and foremost, it's important to do some research before[…]


Feb 2018

Conservatory interior
Top 10 cities with highest increase in conservatory sales
By Sam Threlfall | 1st February 2018 | News

Why Conservatory Sales Are Increasing in the UK It's no surprise that conservatory sales are increasing. This is because a modern conservatory is an extension to the home that is no longer only for the summer months but a versatile space that is ideal for relaxing, dining and socialising in all year round.



Jul 2017

How is the internet changing the way consumers buy home improvements?
By Sam Threlfall | 19th July 2017 | News

Sam Threlfall, our Marketing Director spoke to GGP magazine about the changing face of online and how it is shaping the way consumers shop for home improvements.

Can you give our readers a brief overview on Leads2trade and the sectors you operate in?

Leads2trade is the UK's number one pro[…]


Jun 2017

Leads 2 Trade Staff
Leads 2 Trade Shortlisted For Stockport Business of the Year Award
By Sam Threlfall | 21st June 2017 | News

Andy Royle is thrilled to announce that Leads2trade is up for an award at the Stockport Business Awards 2017. Leads 2 trade has been shortlisted in the Business of the year (£1-5m) category.

The awards take place on October 12 at a gala dinner celebration that will be attended by the great and good fro[…]


Mar 2017

Leads 2 Trade logo
Leads2trade hit the £200million milestone
By Andy Royle | 6th March 2017 | News

Members of Trusted Local Supplier (TLS) the lead generating operation run by Leads2trade are celebrating hitting the £200million milestone in just over ten years since its formation.

Director Andy Royle said: "Leads2trade was born out of the glass and glazing industry and although we have diversified i[…]


Jan 2017

Andy Royle
What Impact Has Brexit & Trump Election Had On Home Improvement Spending?
By Andy Royle | 25th January 2017 | News

A recent survey has shown that Donald Trump's surprise election and the UK voting to leave the EU has not yet completely dampened the general public's willingness to spend on home improvements.

Leads2trade asked 100 consumers several questions about their plans to spend on home improvements in 2017 and more […]


Jan 2017

Security Red Hot Leads
Your unique opportunity to receive 'red-hot' leads
By Andy Royle | 13th January 2017 | News

Security installers across the UK like you are using Leads2trade to find new customers. And we can help you get more business too.

Leads2trade is one of the UK's leading suppliers of double qualified sales leads to the home improvement sector.

When we diversified into your sector and launched our s[…]


Dec 2016

Alarm systems
Alarm System Leads Available Now
By Andy Royle | 18th December 2016 | News

A brand new service has been launched for the home security market that will allow contractors to more easily sell their services to homeowners.

The service has been launched by Leads 2 Trade, the UK's number one provider of double qualified sales leads for the home improvement industry, and will ensure secu[…]


Dec 2015

Tempo Brand image
Renewable Energy Firm Achieves 'Phenomenal' Growth but Slams Government Over Cuts
By Andy Royle | 27th December 2015 | News

A leading installer of renewable energy solutions has experienced phenomenal growth after becoming a member of Leads2trade's Trusted Local Supplier network.

Tempo Saves Energy install solar panels, replacement boilers and central heating systems, biomass boilers and solid wall insulation.

The company[…]


Dec 2015

Stacey Cowey
Stacey Cowey Joins Leads2trade as Call Centre Manager
By Andy Royle | 26th December 2015 | News

Leads2trade, the UK's number one provider of double qualified sales leads for the home improvement industry, has appointed Stacey Cowey as Call Centre Manager.

Stacey was previously employed as a call centre team manager at a financial products firm, and will use the knowledge and experience gained through t[…]


Dec 2015

Homeowner Spending Set to Soften in Last Quarter but Still Up on 2014
By Andy Royle | 21st December 2015 | News

Homeowner spending on new windows and doors could soften in the last quarter of 2015, with just over half (55%) of the consumers quizzed in a recent survey saying they are likely to spend money on home improvements in the next four months.

This was one of the findings from a major consumer survey carried out[…]


Dec 2015

Leads 2 Trade logo
Record Month for Members at Leads2trade
By Andy Royle | 6th December 2015 | News

The UK's number one provider of double qualified sales leads for the home improvement industry has achieved a major milestone. Leads2trade, who employ thirty members of staff, had a record number of registered members in the month of June and also recorded its highest ever number of active members on one day - which[…]


Dec 2015

Leads 2 Trade Staff
Call Centre Expansion As Further Growth Anticipated
By Andy Royle | 5th December 2015 | News

Exactly a year ago Leads2trade had just acquired the home improvement arm of the consumer facing lead generation network Compare Companies, making them the biggest provider of double-qualified leads in the UK.

Fast-forward to the present day and we have just made another significant investment. We have expan[…]


Jan 2015

70 Percent Increase In Conversion for Hot Key Leads
By Andy Royle | 30th January 2015 | News

Our innovative new service is dramatically increasing the number of leads installers are converting.

We recently rolled out a new service called Hot Key Transfer; and following some analysis of our membership base, we've discovered that the impact has been dramatic.

We generate thousands of leads per[…]


Jan 2015

Boiler Repair man
Calling all heating and boiler contractors: Record lead volumes sees rising demand for trusted tradesmen
By Andy Royle | 27th January 2015 | News

Leads2trade, the UK's number one provider of double qualified sales leads for the home improvement industry, is generating a record number of leads per week.

Leads2trade is currently generating in excess of a thousand leads per week for boilers, from homeowners wanting to purchase a new "A Rated" boiler eith[…]


Dec 2014

Boiler Repair man
Replacement Boiler Revolution Sees Lead Volumes Soar
By Andy Royle | 1st December 2014 | News

As one of the UK's biggest online lead generation and installer support companies in the heating and plumbing sector, we are now recording an average of 1,000 leads per week from our websites from consumers looking to get quotes to replace their boiler. This increase in volumes partly down to increasing demand for r[…]

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