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Where do I log in

You can access your account through the following web page:
Please Bookmark or add this page to your Favourites to make logging in easier.
You can also find a log in button by clicking the burger menu at the top right of the site; it will be on the first screen
Your Account Manager will have sent your log in details across when you first joined the network, if you cannot remember your log in details or having issues logging onto the dashboard, please contact your Account Manger who will be able to assist.

How do I contact my Account Manager

Please email or call 0800 124 4308 and we will quickly answer any questions that you may have.

How do I make changes to my postcode areas?

If you do wish to make any postcode changes, you will need to contact your account manager who will make the changes for you. We do require a 72 hour notice period to be given for any postcode changes.

How do I pause my account?

You can have a temporary pause on your account whenever you wish, all we require is a 72 hour notice period to be worked and you must provide a reactivation date within the next 30 days. If you do wish to pause your leads, you need to contact your Account Manager who will be able to process the pause.

How do I cancel my account?

We will be sorry to hear you go, but if you do wish to leave you will need to work a notice period relevant to the type of account you hold, during this time you can not make any changes to your account. At the end of the notice period your account will be switched off.

I have missed the rejection period for a lead, what can I do?

If you do miss the rejection deadline there is not a lot we can do I am afraid to say. We deem the rejection period to be long enough to work the lead fully and get the quote booked in. If you are struggling with the 72 hour rejection period we do have a couple of premium lead options available. Feel free to contact your account manager if you do wish to discuss these further.

Why has my rejection been declined for another referred supplier has quoted when I wasn’t able to make contact with the customer?

Our leads are not guaranteed sits or guaranteed sales, these are sales opportunities. At the time of speaking to the customer they confirmed a valid interest in getting a quote for the specific product. Obviously customers may well change their mind which is why we do have a rejections policy in place, however if you have been unable to quote but another of the suppliers we referred have been able to it is deemed as a valid sales lead as you have all had an equal opportunity to quote the customer.

What is classed is a valid lead?

A lead is classed as valid if the customer is actively looking to receive quotes for the product in question and has been given a quote from one of our referred suppliers.

How can I increase/decrease the number of leads I receive?

If you are looking at making changes to your lead volume you would need to make contact with your designated Account Manager.

When do I get invoiced?

All invoices are raised on a Monday for the previous weeks lead.

When will I have to pay my bill by/when will the payment be taken?

Our payment terms are up to 7 days. If you pay via BACs this has to have been sent to us within the 7 days. If we take the payment by card or via direct debit these are usually processed on the Wednesday after the invoice is raised.

Are your leads GDPR compliant?

As a member of the Information Commissioners office (ICO) all our website privacy policies and consent forms are GDPR compliant. We not only speak to every single consumer to verify their requirements once they have submitted their on-line enquiry we further explain our free no obligation quote service to demonstrate complete transparency and let the consumer know the calls are recorded for this purpose before we gain further consent to pass their details on to our members. On receipt of a lead provided by Leads 2 Trade you automatically become the Data Controller so you will also need to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the ICO that you have your own GDPR measures and process’s in place.

If you cannot find your answers here please send us a message and we will try to help.

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