Double Glazing App

Double glazing app creates more leads and orders for you

Having your own instant pricing app on your website or within your social media marketing gives you an advantage over your competitors. You are giving any consumer the chance to check affordability and at the same time dropping your business details into their pocket.

An extra 5% of your web visitors will download your app

We know that people download the app and use it to price new windows and doors. If you can convert people who were about to abandon your website you are gaining free leads and survey requests.

Double glazing app will measure and price windows, doors, Bi Fold doors, sliding patio doors and french windows.

Your app gives people the chance to get an instant quote from you 24/7.

The app user can request a survey from you to confirm the prices or tap the help button to get a call back from you.

This is the power of having your own pricing app, instantly you are solving a consumer’s problem of affordability and when you go to a survey request the price is already known, so there is no price haggling, the sale is about your specific features and benefits.

When the consumer taps Request Survey you automatically receive the survey sheets. You will know how many windows and doors they require as well as size, style and price.

The buyer intent is the highest.

To understand the journey your prospect has undertaken. They have visited your website, downloaded your app, measured windows and doors, picked the style they want, picked the colour they want and then asked you to confirm it with a survey.

This prospect is telling you they want to buy!

Call your account manager or our sales team for more information on your FREE 60-day trial.

You have everything to gain!

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