Frequently Asked Questions

How old are sales leads you supply?

Our in-house customer service team work from 8:30am in the morning until 8:30pm at night plus weekends too – so we are able to react to incoming enquiries pretty much instantaneously.
Once we have qualified the lead and matched you as a suitable supplier, you’ll be notified in real-time by SMS, email or fax. If you’re using our premium appointment booking service, you’ll also be notified of the appointment date and time in the same notification.

How many companies do you supply the leads to?

Our premium leads not only come with a fixed and firm appointment time and date against set criteria, but they are also only supplied to yourself and one other company.

How much do the leads cost?

The cost of a lead is dependent on lead type, supply & fit or supply only, material type, whether the lead is a single product (one window or door), multiple products (a combination of two or more windows or doors), or a conservatory. You can, of course, specify the types of leads you wish to receive when setting up your account.
Please call us to find out prices for all types of leads as we may have special rates available in your area.

What are the conversion rates for your leads?

This is a difficult question to answer because your conversion rate will depend on a number of factors such as how responsive you are to the customer, the efficiency of your salesperson, how the customer perceives your service levels and your competitiveness within the marketplace. Rest assured that our sales leads are the freshest and most qualified available.
Compare the cost and results of our qualified sales leads against the cost of traditional advertising in newspapers, TV or Radio and discover a cost effective way to feed your business new sales. It’s free to join our network so you’ve absolutely nothing to lose.

Can I reject a lead?
All our premium leads come with a “No Pitch No Fee” guarantee meaning if you don’t sit and pitch the lead you simply reject it.

You may also reject a sales lead within 72 hours of us sending it, if it meets any of the following conditions:
The customer has changed their mind. The qualified criterion does not match when you call the customer.
You are unable to contact the customer after 72 hours from receipt of the lead.
The lead is a duplicate of one received from another source (proof required).
The customer requirement is not within the next 6 months.
Lead rejections are managed within your online dashboard. To reject a lead, simply login to your account dashboard within 72 hours of receipt and reject the lead within the specified reasons. Our rejections team will then pick this up and contact the customer where necessary.

Can I choose the leads I want?

When you set up an account with Leads 2 Trade we make sure you only cover the postcodes you want for the products you want. All of our consumer enquiry’s have been pre-vetted and are awaiting quotes from networks members. So no need to choose, we’ve made sure they meet your criteria.

Where do the leads come from?

All of our leads are web generated. Consumers are actively searching on-line looking for comparison quotes for their home improvement needs from reputable trades people such as yourselves.

How are the leads qualified?

All of our leads are phone qualified in house to guarantee the consumer has a genuine interest and requirement for quotes ensuring a high quality sales lead, thus saving you time and money.

Are there any membership/subscription fees?

No, We keep things very simple we do not charge any joining or subscription fees and charge for leads on a pay per lead basis.

Do you offer credit terms?

Yes, we can offer credit terms to business’s who have been trading 12 months or longer and have a positive credit history with no CCJ’s. Speak to one of our account managers to see if you’re eligible.

Are there any cancellation fees?

Nope, we don’t charge you for the cancellation of your account. All we ask is that we receive written notification subject to your T&C’s (cancellation notice periods vary from 14 – 30 days)

What criteria is required for me to join the network?

As we are promoting reputable suppliers we do have a criteria that we need our network members to meet. We ask that the company be 12+ months trading, have a positive credit history and no CCJ’s we also make sure our suppliers are registered with their approved industry governing bodies. You can contact an account manager to see if you are eligible.

Are your leads GDPR compliant?

As a member of the Information Commissioners office (ICO) all our website privacy policies and consent forms are GDPR compliant. We not only speak to every single consumer to verify their requirements once they have submitted their on-line enquiry we further explain our free no obligation quote service to demonstrate complete transparency and let the consumer know the calls are recorded for this purpose before we gain further consent to pass their details on to our members.
On receipt of a lead provided by Leads 2 Trade you automatically become the Data Controller so you will also need to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the ICO that you have your own GDPR measures and process’s in place.

If you cannot find your answers here please send us a message and we will try to help.

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