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The only leads on the market that come with a no pitch – no fee guaranteed

Our installer network told us their frustrations

  • If you are frustrated chasing consumers you can never get hold of
  • If you can’t get on the lead quickly enough to compete with other installers that have their own call centre staff
  • If by the time you get to the lead you are always the 3rd or 4th installer the consumer speaks to
  • If you find yourself paying for leads where you don’t get to see the prospect
You need to have our no pitch – no fee guarantee and make sure you are always sat in front of every lead you buy.

It’s time to stop wasting time and money

Premium leads are guaranteed booked appointments. So you never miss a pitch and you don’t waste time and money chasing people you never get to see.

Not only do we give you a guarantee that you will pitch the consumer we only send a premium lead to 2 installers they are semi exclusive, so you have more chance of picking up an order.

And we will give you 2 free premium leads with your first order of 10 premium leads.

How Premium Leads Work

Premium leads are booked and confirmed appointments that only go to 2 installers. You will receive all contact details of the consumer along with a specific time and date they want to sit down with you. We confirm the appointment with a text message to the consumer prior to your appointment.

We only book 2 appointments. Consumers no longer want to sit on multiple sales appointments. This means every appointment we set has a maximum of 2 installers from us, so you have a higher probability of getting the sale.

We confirm the appointment with the consumer prior to the appointment, and we ask for feedback after the first pitch to see if the consumer still requires the second appointment. If they do not require the second appointment we will cancel it and inform you so you don’t waste time travelling to see a consumer who has already purchased. 

Premium Sales Lead Delivery Methods

Premium Leads with Guaranteed Booked Appointments

When you buy leads what you really want is the opportunity to sit down with a consumer who wants to buy what you sell, the chance to pitch your product. We created Premium Leads to guarantee you get this opportunity with EVERY lead you buy from us.

We speak to the consumer and book an appointment for you. We only book two appointments on Premium leads so the consumer doesn’t get bombarded with calls and you have a one in two chance of an order. Before the appointment we text or call the consumer to confirm the time and we notify you that the appointment is confirmed. If through no fault of your own, you do not get to pitch the consumer we replace the lead free of charge. This is our Premium Lead No Pitch – No Fee, guarantee. No other lead generator can offer you this service.

You tell us when you’re able to visit customers to quote for work via our shared diary facility and we will book appointments into your schedule against set criteria. With this option, you only pay for sales leads that you actually sit and pitch.

Hotkey Telephone Transfer

Do you have a sales team, call centre or PA that follows up customer enquiries for you? Then our Hot Key service might be just the solution for you. With this service, we qualify the lead for you in the usual way, but instead of emailing you or sending you an SMS lead alert, we can transfer the lead directly to you or your appointed sales team so that you can react instantly to the customer’s requirements and maintain your own sales diary. The benefits of this service mean that you have the added advantage of being the first supplier to speak to this qualified customer.

API Integration

Leads2trade have the ability to supply our leads directly via an application programmable Interface (API) into many different sales and marketing CRM or workflow systems.

Many of our larger National and regional clients are already benefiting from this safe and secure way of receiving the consumer lead data in real time complete with all supporting notes, which allows them to use the data in more complex proprietary sales and marketing management information systems.

Unlock More Than Just Sales Leads

When you become a member of the Leads 2 Trade network, you get so much more than qualified sales leads. We pride ourselves on being an installer support service as well as the UK’s leading sales lead generator. Upon joining, you’ll be assigned your own dedicated account manager who is on-hand to help you make the most of the sales leads we send your way.

Recommended by

Assure Certification
Consumer Protection Association
Independent Network
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