Where do the sales leads come from?

Leads 2 Trade run a network of websites all aimed at generating double qualified sales leads. Before any sales leads are passed to our customers they are qualified within our call centre.

The consumer has initiated the contact and come to leads 2 Trade for more information. The following actions are taken before a lead reaches you.

The consumer types a search term (ie window quotes Manchester) into a search engine such as Google or Yahoo.
They are displayed a list of suppliers of window quotes Manchester by the search engine.
They click on the advert that appeals to them and is the closest match to their requirements.
They are directed to the web site from the advertised link.
They look at the information on the web site and if they like the information they see, they submit their details onto the web site. At this point they may STILL just be searching for information.
The consumers details’ are now logged within the admin area of the leads 2 trade website.
They receive a telephone call from the Leads 2 Trade call centre to acknowledge receipt of their enquiry.
The Leads 2 Trade call centre qualify the enquiry to meet the following criteria

They are the owners of the property
All the contact details are correct
The nature of the enquiry
They are looking to purchase the windows, doors or conservatory within the next 6 months
The preferred contact number & time are established
They want a no obligation quote
Only after this process is completed, is the lead considered qualified and released to you as a sales lead. This process can not be described as passive. It is stringent and is undertaken every time an enquiry comes to leads 2 trade. The consumer has initiated the process and is an active part of it. As part of the contact with leads 2 trade the consumer knows the name of the companies that will be telephoning him to make an appointment. He is also expecting the calls within the next 48 hours.

From all the enquiries that come into leads 2 trade; only 4 out of 10 make it to you. 6 out of every 10 do not meet the strict criteria we apply and never become a sales lead.

If you are a small company and struggle to have the time to deal with these leads, its not a problem. We can appoint the lead for you. Call our sales consultants for more information on 0161 443 0028

You get what you pay for in life, internet leads are just the same. There are several sources of internet sales leads. There are also vast differences between them so you need to be aware of the following.

Leads 2 Trade only sell double Qualified sales leads.

These have been qualified by tele sales staff to make sure they meet specific and stringent requirements.

Not every qualified lead meets these stringent criteria so you need to check you are getting what you pay for if you are buying qualified sales leads. Remember you do not ever receive unqualified sales leads from Leads 2 Trade

Here at Leads 2 Trade we would call these enquiries not sales leads. These are basically requests for brochures, or people who have inputted their details onto a sign up page or pop up box on a web site to gain information. This type of enquiry does not go through a call centre and is despatched directly from the web site enquiry without any intervention. Beware people who claim to qualify these enquiries automatically on the web site, you can only qualify data fields like postcodes or phone numbers, not the actual requirement for products.

These type of leads are cheaper to buy initially but will convert at around 5:1 so you have to multiply the cost by 5 to get a true price of a lead. If you do not have access to a call centre these leads are probably not for you.

Quite simply put they do not compare. You only pay for an internet lead when you get it, if you do not get any leads you do not pay any money. If you have spent money on newspaper ads you will have seen them dwindling down to no more than a trickle. Surprisingly the price of the advert does not get cheaper.

There are many very reputable forms of printed media and it is not Leads 2 Trade’s place to knock this type of lead generator, but you may as well stick your money on the 3.40 at Haydock Park. You might win or you might not in the same way you might get some leads from the newspaper or you might not, you will of course still have paid for the advert.

The basic facts are simple, if you buy 10 leads from Leads 2 Trade you get 10 leads, you do not have to pay your money and then hope your phone rings.

Research shows the number of people who read newspapers is dwindling, in fact many people prefer to use the internet and television for news,. They are never exposed to news print at all, so check the circulation figures for yourself.

The obvious answer is both. The real question is what do you expect an internet lead to be? Leads 2 Trade double qualify every lead. That means the consumer has made a conscious decision to search for a supplier on the web. They have found one of our web sites and entered their details. Telesales have called them and confirmed their requirements against our criteria.
If a lead meets all the criteria it is sent to you straight from our system via fax, SMS and /or email. We only send it out to 3 suppliers and we tell the consumer which suppliers will be calling them. You telephone the consumer, introduce yourself and book the sales call. It’s that simple.
You have to act quickly when you receive a sales lead

How quickly and professionally you deal with these sales leads will be critical to how the consumer perceives your company. The consumer is waiting for your call, they are ready to buy products or services from you.

We try to give you a wide window of 48 hours to contact the consumer. The reality is that your contact to the consumer needs to be much faster. Consider any enquiries you make on the web, would you wait two days for a response? Of course you wouldn’t. The internet is a right here right now environment, if you search for information on the web you want to find it now, not tomorrow just as you are doing here.

You need to contact the lead as soon as you receive it for the best response. Every Leads 2 Trade lead has details of the customer care call made to the consumer. It will tell you the best time to call them if for example they are at work and can’t take personal calls, and the best number to call them on. You must follow up quickly or your competitors will beat you to it.