Hotkey Telephone Transfer

What are Hotkey Leads?

Hotkey telephone sales leads are an ideal solution for installers that want to speak directly to home owners or have a telephone sales team to book sales appointments.

Telephone hotkey sales leads are pre-qualified against our set product criteria, however, instead of simply notifying you via email or text message that you have a new sales lead, we can instantly transfer the consumer by telephone to you or your sales team.

Immediate Connection to a Customer with Hotkey Telephone Leads

Because our leads have been pre-qualified, we know that the sales lead is already the right fit for you. We introduce your company before we transfer the lead to you. This means the customer knows who they will be speaking to before we transfer them to you. Our hot key telephone transfer leads offer the greatest opportunity to convert into revenue as they are customers who are already pre-qualified and are ready to talk to you right at that moment.

Naturally, you’ll also receive notification via email or text message. All we ask is that you provide us with a dedicated telephone number where somebody will be available to react to the lead.

Hotkey telephone transfer leads are of the highest quality due to the very nature of having the customer on the line and wanting to speak to someone immediately about their requirements.

To discuss adding Hotkey Telephone Transfer to your membership please call an Account Manager on 0161 466 0099.