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Our appointment setting service makes fulfilling your sales diary a breeze.

It has become very clear that those installers that are able to react swiftly to the newly qualified sales leads that we generate are the most likely to get a sales appointment and ultimately convert that home owner into a paying customer.

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We have been generating sales leads since 2006, and we've noticed many of the installers on our network don't have the time or resource to contact and appointment set the leads we send them in a timely manner.

With this in mind, we created our appointment booking service. This service is particularly revolutionary within the home improvement lead generation industry and is what sets us head and shoulders above our competitors.

We have a proven track record of attracting the right home owners for your products and services with our online generated sales leads that are qualified by our in-house call centre. Now, we take that expertise one step further in filling your sales person's diaries with the best quality sales leads that simply require yourself or your salespeople to sit the appointment and convert the home owner's requirement into a sale.

We will qualify the lead in line with our criteria as standard. Then we will set you an appointment against the available dates and times in your diary so you can turn up and close the deal.

Appointment Setting Whatever Your Business Size

We do ask that you call the home owner 24 hours before your booked appointment to remind the home owner that you will be attending.

Our installers have told us that our appointment booking service has increased their new business close rate and allows them to get the most out of their sales teams.

Booking sales appointments isn't just for those large installers with field-based sales teams. It is also a great solution for smaller businesses where installers who contact home owners directly are often out completing jobs and can't always react to our real-time sales leads as quickly as they would like.

Additionally, using this service means that you'll only ever pay for qualified leads that you actually sit and pitch*

If appointment setting is something that you'd like to consider, then contact us to find out if it is available for your particular product and postcode coverage areas.

*Against set criteria. Your account manager will discuss this option with you.

To discuss adding Appointment Booking to your membership please call an Account Manager on 0161 466 0099.

You could be receiving leads in 24 hours.